12 Round Jig Heads (3g, 5g, and 7g)

12 Round Jig Heads (3g, 5g, and 7g)

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A package of 12 round jig heads which includes:

 4 x 3 gram (1/8oz) size #1 hook

 4 x 5 gram (1/6oz) size #1 hook

 4 x 7 gram (1/4oz) size 1/0 hook


Total of 12 jig heads.

Well suited to the 2.5" Paddle grub


Note: These jig heads are designed for use with light gear (10lb line and less)  for species such as Flathead, Bream, Trout, Redfin and Pinkies. They have thin, strong and sharp hooks for getting good hook ups, but using heavy gear with them is not suitable.